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Lisa-Sophie Ebers defends her doctoral dissertation

Lisa-Sophie Ebers defended successfully her doctoral dissertation on Nov. 9th 2020 entitled “Lignin-based inks for Direct Ink Writing”.

After completing her Master studies at the University of Freiburg in “Environmental Sciences” with the elective track “Biomaterials and Bioenergy”, Lisa-Sophie Ebers joined the Chair of Forest Biomaterials in May 2017. She started to work within the EU-project CARBOPREC: “Renewable source nanostructured precursors for carbon fibers”. Her dissertation was co-supervised by Prof. Thomas Speck.

In her dissertation, Lisa formulated fully bio-based inks for Direct Ink Writing, containing organosolv lignin and a cellulose derivative. From her dissertation, the following research papers were published:

  • Ebers, L.-S., Auvergne, R., Boutevin, B., Laborie, M.-P., 2020. Impact of PEO structure and formulation on the properties of a Lignin/PEO blend. Industrial Crops and Products 143, 111883.
  • Ebers, L.-S., Laborie, M.-P., 2020. Direct Ink Writing of fully bio-based liquid crystalline Lignin/Hydroxypropyl Cellulose aqueous inks: optimization of formulations and printing parameters. ACS Appl. Bio Mater.


The potential of the formulated lignin-based inks for lightweight applications was honored by Leichtbau BW with the ThinKing in November 2020 (